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What Makes SACCHI DI DENARO ®️  

We Love Winning & We Love Creativity
Authentic Never Counterfeit



Sacchi Di Denaro logo

Means "Moneybags" in Italian. Was a nickname given to our CEO in highschool. A registered trademark since 2014. 


SD Sacchi Di Denaro Logo Crest  

Our logo first started as an "SD" by combining the first two letters of our company's name.
We decided to overlap the two letters so that the "S" looked like a dollar sign. We then added a vertical line to represent the security stripe found in US currency.
We wanted the "SD" to have a strong border, so we use the leaves and crest found in the top right corner of a one-dollar bill as inspiration.

Sacchi Di Denaro Authentic Never Counterfeit

Our slogan is a play on words to stay true to yourself and never pretend to be something you're not.
We apply that same concept to our company as a whole by the way we conduct ourselves and the garments we create.
We use the words "Authentic" and "Counterfeit" to tie into our financial theme. 


Sacchi Di Denaro Wash Label

We wanted to incorporate the quote "this note is legal tender for all debt, public and private" as part of our wash labels because it's printed on every bill denomination just like our wash care instruction, displayed on every garment. 









Sacchi gift cards



We use real shredded money for our packaging and the cord for our hangtags.







The Benjamin design was created by adding Benjamin Franklins face within our “SD” logo.
We also added an image of the Declaration of Independence within the crest, which Benjamin Franklin helped draft. 

We wanted to create a design for the women and thought a rose would be the best way to represent our female supporters.
The Rose Garden at the White House was designed by First Lady Ellen Louise Axson Wilson in 1913. 
Rose Design Sacchi Di Denaro



For M5 we decided to use the number 5 for this design since there are five M’s in our weekly company message;
Motivated Money Making Monday Morning. We chose to make the 5 small to resemble an exponent. 

Sacchi M5



We chose the number 4 because 4 quarters equals a dollar.
We always make sure our financial theme is tied in somehow!

Sacchi designs


Since we are from New York, we drew inspiration off the city skyline to create our very own Sacchi Empire complete with gold buildings.

Empire Design Sacchi Di Denaro



This design was inspired by our interest in the stock market.
This is how we view ourselves as a company, we’re on the rise! 


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